Membership Types

There are two categories of membership in the Rocky Mountain Tooling & Machining Association, Inc. (RMTMA): Regular Membership and Associate Membership/Industry Partners.

Regular Membership:

Any firm, corporation, or business entity regularly engaged in precision custom manufacturing, through tooling and machining, is eligible to become a Regular member in the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA). Regular members have access to all of NTMA’s benefits, services and programs.

Regular memberships are processed through the National Tooling and Machining Association. For more information on becoming a Regular member, you may contact or fill out an application.

Associate Membership/Industry Partner:
A firm, corporation or business entity that is regularly engaged in providing service, equipment, materials or supplies to the precision custom manufacturing machining industry is eligible to become an Associate Member/Industry Partner of the Rocky Mountain Tooling & Machining Association, Inc.(RMTMA). Associate members have access to all of the programs and services provided by RMTMA. They also have access to a limited number of services and programs offered by the NTMA.

For an explanation of the various levels of partnership, click here.

Associate memberships are processed through RMTMA.  IF you are interested in learning more about becoming an Industry Partner, you may contact RMTMA or fill out an application.

Reasons for Membership:

- RMTMA in conjunction with the NTMA are the Tooling & Machining Industry Leaders focused on protecting the future of manufacturing in America.

- RMTMA provides local and national networking opportunities through meetings and special events.

- RMTMA offers its members special programs and discounts in areas like Business Insurance, Marketing Assistance, Tax Planning, Shipping, Industry Supplies and Office Supplies.  To see information regarding our Affinity Programs, click here.

- RMTMA has legislative representation both nationally and statewide.

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